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Aceites Sandúa has been producing, bottling, selling and distributing vegetable oils since 1975 in Ablitas, in the South of Navarre, a traditional olive-growing area.
With facilities of over 5,000 m2 and a great extension of excellent quality native olive groves, the company retains its traditional family profile.

Sandua Aceites


The production of high quality oils is Sandúa’s great differential value. The company’s continuous improvement plan is based on key aspects such as food safety, quality management and environmental care.
The company holds the IFS and BRC international quality certificates, which it renews every year to meet all the required parameters.

Our Oils

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Extra virgin olive oil

Pure olive juice extracted in the first cold pressing to achieve the special characteristics of its body, flavour, aroma and colour. Single-variety Arbequina and Empeltre oils, and Multi-variety hojiblanca, picual, etc. oils.

Olive oil and olive pomace oil

Olive oil and olive pomace oil

Olive oil from the mixture of extra virgin olive oil and refined oil. Two varieties: Intense Flavour and Mild Flavour.

Olive pomace oil with added virgin olive oil.

Sandua Sunflower and seed oil

Sunflower and seed oil

Sunflower oil: Natural and pleasant in appearance. Does not affect the flavour of food.
Refined seed oil: Consisting only of a selection of vegetable oils. Does not affect the flavour of food.

Sandua Special frying oils

Special oil for frying

Recommended for cooking professionals, they do not contain palm oil or its derivatives. They are highly resistant to high temperatures and do not produce foam, fumes or bad odours.


Buy olive oil from Spain

A high-quality selection of oils at the best prices

Natural cosmetics with olive oil. Capriche d’Olive

Natural cosmetics with olive oil. Capriche d’Olive

The benefits of olive oil as a natural antioxidant and emollient for the skin are now included in the eight basic beauty products in the line of natural cosmetics Capriche d’Olive.

The organic olive oil is supplemented with vegetable stem cells, hyaluronic acid and a selection of Asian plants and seaweeds to obtain products for facial and body treatment with great anti-wrinkle, smoothing and repairing power.

Pol. Industrial 40-41 - 31523 | Ablitas - Navarra - Spain | Tel. +34 948 813 338

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